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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Study Reveals Higher Divorce Risk for Couples Sharing Housework

A Norwegian study has added a new layer to the generations-old debate regarding gender roles and their impact on marriage. According to the study, the divorce rate is 50% higher among couples who share housework responsibilities equally compared with couples where women shouldered the bulk of the burden for completing household chores.

Interestingly, researchers contributing to the study did not find a significant cause-and-effect relationship between the division of household chores and divorce rate. Instead, these differences seemed to reflect a change in attitudes among the couples.

In most cases, couples who divided housework equally demonstrated modern attitudes towards marriage. These modern attitudes also include a perception of marriage as being less sacred. As a result, these people were more likely to opt for divorce rather than remain in a dysfunctional, unsatisfying marriage.

Another factor impacting this increased divorce rate may be that many modern women who share housework equally with their husbands have a high level of education and well-paying jobs. As a result, they are less dependent on their husbands for financial security, a factor which may make them more likely to end their marriage if they are unhappy.

Whatever the reason behind this phenomenon, you may want to put careful thought into how you will divide up your household chores with your spouse. The success of your marriage may depend on it.


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